The City Key is an arts journal dedicated to experiences related to cities, big and small.  We believe that cities are a great inspiration for the creation of art and writing that captures the human experience.


Whether it’s Rome, Istanbul, or New York, every city will leave an influence on those visiting or living in them.  Those who experience a city will come into contact with a multitude of humanity, fostering unique experiences and interactions with the art, architecture, and life of the city.  It has been said that just walking a city block, in itself, can be mystical and transcendent.  This connection to the city-at-large is what you will find at The City Key. 

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  1. And that exactly is what brought me to Newyork. Probably the world’s most humanly represented city in terms of multitudes of nationals from across the globe. Newyork, there is no other 🙂

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