“Set your Mind at Ease” by Allan M. Heller


Don’t worry about that group of young men on the corner.
They’re just kids, really.
Smoking and swearing are all part of the act.
If one of them spits, he’s probably just clearing his throat.
And those snide comments could describe a lot of people.
Not necessarily you.

As a pedestrian, you have the right of way.
The signal flashes in your favor
And the borders of magic crosswalk protect you
Like the confines of a large pentagram drawn on the floor
Protect the sorcerer from the demon he summons.
The long line of cars knows that
As does the macho pinhead in the souped-up 1973 Chevy Nova
Revving his engine.
Just keep on walking.

Surely you’re not afraid of some little dog?
Okay, so he’s a medium dog, but he’s no Cerberus!
Most dogs won’t bite.
Besides, he doesn’t own the whole sidewalk.
Yea, though I walk through the valley…
Straight ahead. March. Show no fear.
Set your mind at ease.


Allan M. Heller is poet laureate of Hatboro, and his work has appeared in Mad Poets Review, Mobius, Writer’s Digest, Brevities, The Compass, and Plainsongs. He is also a published short story writer, author of five non-fiction books, and a collection of short stories, 40 Frightful Flash Fictions.

Please note: Poetry is compressed to fit smart phone screens. If you are reading this poem on a phone screen, please turn your screen sideways to make sure that you are seeing correct line breaks for this poem.

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